Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is using techniques to improve the appearance of your smile.  Your new smile should look healthy and natural.  There are many factors we as dentists consider when evaluating a patients smile and cosmetic dentistry.  We can use a variety of materials to achieve our goals but generally we will use porcelain restorations such as porcelain crowns and veneers.  We can take discolored or misaligned teeth and turn them into a beautiful new smile.  When evaluating a patients smile we look at many factors such as:

tooth position – where are the teeth in relation to each other?

lip Position – does the patient have a gummy smile and how can we correct that?

Position of the gums – are the gums symmetrical or are the higher on some teeth that others?

The placement of the midline – do the front teeth meet where they should in relation to the rest of the facial structures?

The color of the teeth – what color do we want so the teeth appear natural?

Balance and Symmetry of the teeth – There are specific height to width ratios that are pleasing to the human eye.  The golden proportion applies to the relative position of the teeth as well.

Relation of smile to the eyes – is the plane of the smile parallel to the line of the eyes?

Only after evaluating all these factors is it possible to create a smile that is esthetically pleasing and functionally stable.